Reborn Doll Care and Maintenance

After you have got your 3D mink eyelashes doll, you will no doubt want to cherish it. There is plenty of time for this, but many people often neglect the caring side of things, which is highly important if you want your reborn to remain in top condition for as long as possible.

It is of czhair importance that you do not treat your 3D mink eyelashes doll as toy and ‘just another doll’. There are endless reasons for this but the most important is quite simply because it isn’t one. The hours of care that went into creating the reborn should be reflected in how you treat it at home. Although it is not a real baby, in some cases it is the next best thing to thousands of women who cannot have another baby.

3D mink eyelashes
3D mink eyelashes

It is even more important that children are not allowed to play with them either. For one thing, they are not suitable as children’s toys as many of the parts may come loose and cause choking. Any curious child is likely to want to play with it however, so you might want to consider supervised care only. It is also important that you should not let your reborn doll replace your children though, and this is a serious comment – some people take 3D mink eyelashes too far.

Your Reborn baby should not be forced in any way, as parts are likely to break off or come loose. A lot of the components that are used to build the doll are brittle while others are delicately attached with glue or other adhesive pads, and the hair is woven into the scalp or is a wig. They will not stand up to much force though and it they will often fall off if you are not careful. This will include the finger nails, 3D mink eyelashes , eyelashes and brows.

Don’t let your reborn doll get too hot or cold 3D mink eyelashes . When the doll gets too hot, it can cause the vinyl to become soft or may even melt it completely. You are likely to find the paint bleeding or fading if you aren’t careful as well. Be sure to not leave a light or lamp on close to it, as this will likely cause exactly this. The doll will also crack if it gets too cold which cannot be repaired without replacing parts of the doll.

For many years dust has been the bain of collectors worldwide. Be sure to dust your 3D mink eyelashes regularly. Dusting it lightly and often will keep it in top condition for many years but you should not use a cleaner or polish. Some people keep their Reborns in a showcase which preserves them for much longer so if you wont be moving yours around too often this is a possibility for you.

3D mink eyelashes
3D mink eyelashes

If you follow all of this then you will hopefully have many happy years with your 3D mink eyelashes doll. Enjoy!

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