Photographic Shoots – What to Know – Photographer Charles Martin Interview

Q: What should people know and how should they prepare for a 3d mink false lashes extension session?

A: People should know what to expect and how to prepare for a photography session in advance of arriving. The photographer should give them a layout of how things are going to be done. Details should have been discussed and agreed upon. What kind of look is the actor or model going for? What kinds of wardrobe will be used? You should be told how many different things or looks you can do for a headshot. Within reason, I don’t limit the number of looks or outfits and actor can wear for a headshot.

 3d mink false lashes extension
3d mink false lashes extension

If you are doing a photograph specifically for the Washington market the corporate/professional image is very useful. If you want photos to show in L.A. or New York, then the look can be more glamorous more dramatic. Headshots are generally not fashion oriented. Muted and mid-tone colors and textured fabrics are best. Solid white, like a white shirt, jacket, or sweater, don’t reproduce well. Solid white and some other bright colors, like red, orange, and green, draw attention from the face. The focus of the picture should always be the face and the personality, and not the wardrobe. Setting aside the rules, you may have something you have wanted to try and it may break all of the rules. It may end up spectacular. Do something that is safe first and then if you want to do something more tricky you can have some of both.

Q: Should a 3d mink false lashes extension artist be used for a photographic session?

A: This should be discussed in advance. If a makeup artist is to be used, is this included in the cost of the shoot or is it paid directly to the artist? Some actors and models have become very skilled at doing their own makeup and prefer to do it themselves. Others definitely feel more comfortable and benefit from having a professional do it for them.

If a professional makeup artist will be doing the makeup, expect to spend about an hour-and-a-half with them before you start to shoot. As a general rule, the artists I use have been working professionals for ten or so years.

For women, I recommend not washing the hair the morning of the shoot. The hair will be more manageable if it has some natural oil. Wash it the day before.

If the subject is doing her own makeup and lives within a short drive of the shoot, I suggest doing the start of the makeup in their lighting as she would usually do. Then expect to add to it, refining it as test shots are done.

As I work, the 3d mink false lashes extension is completed and then test shots are done. Typically some adjustments will be made at that point. I don’t begin to shoot until everyone is satisfied with everything including 3d mink false lashes extension , wardrobe, and lighting.

For men, the market generally prefers that men have a clean face. Sometimes men arrive with a light beard. Do some shots with that look and then shave to get some shots with the clean face look. Obviously, if a man wears a beard all of the time, he will just go with that.

Get an adequate night’s sleep and bring with ample choices of wardrobe. Understand what is going to take place and feel comfortable with the process. You should feel relaxed and at ease when you get to the shoot.

Q: What advice do you have for young people wanting photos?

A: Young people should not go to a photographic session alone. They should bring along a friend or relative. This is for the protection of the young model or actor and for the photographer. Legitimate photographers want to maintain a good reputation. There are many good and legitimate photographers working in the industry, but there are some that are dubious. If young actors/models are less than eighteen years old, they should have a parent, guardian, or agent attend the shoot.

 3d mink false lashes extension
3d mink false lashes extension

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