Hypoallergenic Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Some women think that the best way to cover up their flaws is to pile on the make up. They apply a thick coat of foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara so that nobody will notice imperfections such as wrinkles, under eye circles or acne. It is true that nobody notices a woman’s flaws when she wears too much 3D mink lashes because all they see is unflattering caked on foundation and thick eye shadow. Whether a woman has flaws or not, they always look better wearing natural looking makeup.

Natural 3D mink lashes for Women of All Ages

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

Women should choose a sheer liquid foundation, earthy tone eye shadow and light lipstick or lip-gloss. A bit of blush and eyeliner is fine for an evening on the town but women do not need to wear blush and eyeliner in the daytime. When applying 3D mink lashes the goal should be to enhance the eyes and lips. If people notice the make up a woman is wearing before they notice her facial features, then it is time to tone things down. Although many older women wish they could cover up their wrinkles and under eye circles, heavy makeup often makes wrinkles even more noticeable. Older women usually look years younger when they lighten up their makeup.

Sensitive Skin Products

Women who have sensitive skin sometimes avoid wearing any type of 3D mink lashes because they are worried it will irritate their skin, eyes or lips. Women who are allergic to makeup may experience severe itching or burning. In some cases, they will develop pimples, a red rash or hives after applying makeup. An allergic reaction to eye shadow, mascara or lipstick can cause unpleasant symptoms such as pain, irritation and swelling. Women who experience negative symptoms should switch to hypoallergenic makeup brands. Hypoallergenic products are gentle because they do not contain harsh chemicals.

People can find hypoallergenic liquid foundation, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow in retail stores and online. A small percentage of women are so sensitive to chemicals that they cannot tolerate hypoallergenic products. Unfortunately, all over-the-counter makeup products contain a certain amount of chemicals.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

Women who are highly sensitive to chemicals can make their own homemade organic makeup. People can find fantastic recipes for eyeliner, lipstick, blush, eye shadow and liquid foundation online. Homemade makeup that does not contain artificial ingredients is gentle on the skin. People can use all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, fruit extract powder, beeswax and vanilla when creating homemade products. It may seem strange to make homemade 3D mink lashes but women have been making their own beauty products for centuries.

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