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Finding Your Perfect Foundation – For Healthy Glowing Skin

Perusing the aisles of my local super store has always been a tough job when I want to find the right foundation for my face. The tough part is finding the right color, and selecting a foundation that enhances my skin, and smells decent enough to wear throughout the day. I have learned to make a stop at my local department store beforehand to test potential foundations for these factors. And if they have a sale happening, all the 3D mink strip eyelash private.

3D mink strip eyelash private
3D mink strip eyelash private

If you decide to visit your local department store 3D mink strip eyelash private counter, make sure you have a clean face ready to test makeup. Skip the foundation, and go with little makeup on, try a nice moisturizer, a little lipstick, and some mascara. You want to start with a fresh palette when you are trying new makeup. It’s just easier, and you get a better idea what shade to go with too.

Choose a few colors that are very close to your natural skin tone. Your jawline is the best testing area for new foundations. Put on a little, and blend. Take a look in the mirror, and see what you think about the color and texture of the 3D mink strip eyelash private. Stand in the natural light if at all possible, and use a hand mirror to see if you like the foundation. The natural light is the best and true test to match your perfect color.

When looking for a good foundation, think about your own skin type. Another point to consider is where will you be when you wear your foundation? Before you choose your shade of foundation, is it the right formula for you? Is the foundation better for dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin?

Matte makeup is really popular lately, but I have dry skin, and I am getting fine lines around my eyes, so I tend to pass on the matte foundations and go for the moisturizing liquids in the tubes, and mousse blends. I also live in a warm humid climate, and matte makeup doesn’t hold up well in the heat. If you have oily or combination skin, and spend a lot of time in an office, than matte foundation just might be your best match.

Be beautiful, and have fun with your new 3D mink strip eyelash private. Try different looks for daytime and a night on the town. Get a foundation with a little bronzer and shine in it to give yourself that natural healthy glow.

3D mink strip eyelash private
3D mink strip eyelash private

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