How to Tell If She’s Interested in You

There are several signs that tell you eyelash packaging  a woman is interested in you or not. Here are some familiar signs:

– Flips her eyelash packaging  and glances in your direction
– Wets or bites her lips
– Bats her eyelashes
– Laughs aloud

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It’s not surprising if you agree with eyelash packaging . These are generally the response when asked the same question. However, there’s a glitch to this theory. The fact is that a very small percentage of women actually show these signs to a man they are interested in. Moreover, they don’t tell you anything on how to make a woman actually respond in these ways.

Let’s say you’re hanging out with your friends in a bar. You look around the roomful of attractive women. I can tell you that there’s that no possibility that a girl would actually play with her hair, wet her lips or bat her lashes in your direction. One in a million chance, if at all.

So how does a typical man handle this situation? Most men just back off for fear of being branded a psycho. Others do something conventional like offer her a drink, or worse, utter a pick-up line like “I think we’ve met.”

Both moves are rarely effective. You can take a few minutes of eyelash packaging  time but no more than that. You can’t make her stay. You probably wish she’d stick around and talk with you all night, but attraction happens neither by choice nor by force. Don’t expect to get her attention if you do what every stereotypical guy has done with her.

So exactly what will make you stand out? Try to mess with her.

You heard it right. Be fun. Laugh with her. Tease and cajole her. Be comfortable as though you haven’t just met. This may seem a little absurd, but it definitely sends the signal that you are:

– Just being yourself without a care of what she may think
– A big sport
– Fun and full of surprises

It’s actually eyelash packaging  to spot if a woman is into you or not. If she laughs at your joke and playfully converses with you, taps your forearm from time to time and goes along with your antics, then she’s undeniably into you.

A word of advice. Stop searching for signals. Instead, initiate and set off a response from her. Go ahead and control the game. Make your move and captivate her. Don’t wait for lady luck to do it for you. Keep in mind that how a woman reacts depends solely on you. Hit a few key points that girls are attracted to and the rest will follow.

Find out how to use flirting to make a woman interested in you.

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