Great Make Up For Under $10

We are all concerned about the prices of the things we use every day. For me one of those items is my make up. So when I realized at 8pm that my make up bag was not in my false 3d mink lashes and I had a meeting early in the morning I was upset because now I would have to buy a whole new set which is a small fortune so I decided to try the drug store instead. I am not a make up artist. However I have spent over 20 years in the beauty industry so I consider myself a beauty expert/addict, which on special occasions and for photo shoots I have had my face done by some of the best make up artist in the world. My make up false 3d mink lashes consist of all department store brands. So what happens to a beauty expert that has to buy cosmetics from a drug store? You get frustrated… why? No testers. However the feeling of being able to go up and down the isle and pick from several brands was quite liberating. Doing this in a department store becomes a challenge since they give you that look and then you have to decide or usually the counter reps do who is going to ring it up. So my mistake is your benefit because now I am going to share with you the fantastic stuff I discovered for under $10.00.

false 3d mink lashes
false 3d mink lashes

Foundation this is the most critical step and most difficult to find, false 3d mink lashes if you get this wrong it usually down hill from here. I need a little coverage however I need a foundation that I can build to provide more coverage. My pick for foundation are L’Oreal True Match ($8.79) and Black Opal True Color Foundation ($8.95) both are oil-free. In addition they were easy to blend, good wearability, nice range of shades and I found a shade that match my color and compliment my undertone. Be prepared to purchase more than one (remember no testers). Most drug stores will allow you to return the opened package with a receipt. I had no problem returning any of my items. The concealer was just has hard everything was too ashy and made my eyes look like a raccoon. So I tired Black Opal True Color false 3d mink lashes Stick ($9.50) and Max Factor Pan-false 3d mink lashes Ultra Creamy Makeup ($7.49). Both did the job and complimented my foundation for a flawless look.

To set my face I discovered Milani Pressed Powder ($5.49) in 8 shades that provide a great soft matte finish. Apply with a loose powder brush for a long lasting wear. For that natural blush of color on the cheek I really liked Revlon Matte Powder Blush ($9.99) it was ultra-soft and blends smoothly. I also used it to add a little color to my eyelid. To highlight or use as a bronzer Milani Bronzer XL All Over Glow ($4.79) is wonderful.

Never waste your money on high end pencil eyeliners the best can be found in the drug store Prestige Cosmetics Classic Khol Liners ($4.29) deliver deep strong color. Soft on the eye strong on color. I keep my eyes simple but from time-to-time I add a little color depending on my outfit. Max Factor MAXeye Shadows ($4.99) are great you get three-colors that are fashion forward. Easy to blend and they stay put. You can apply MAXeye Shadows dry for a silky-smooth day look or wet for a bolder approach at night.

False Eye Lashes are wonderful and will accentuate your face without very much else. By far Andrea Modlash ($2.96) #21 AND #53 are a good choice not only for those who suffer eyelash loss, but also for anyone who wants to accentuate the eyes. They are light and natural with short overall length and medium density. Everyone should purchase their Mascara at the drug store. They are reasonably priced; therefore you can afford to replace it every 3-4 months (to prevent eye problems caused by bacteria). I like Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express ($7.49) delivers dramatic volume with no clumps. I like the length it delivers. No flakes and easy to wash off. If you want your eyebrows to look great all the time try using Eyebrow stencils. You can use them to shape, fill in, darken or lighten. Try Fran Wilson Instant false 3d mink lashes Arched ($3.29). It makes a difference stay away from pencils they make harsh lines use powder eye shadow instead.

Lipstick another must buy at the drug store. I think Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color ($8.97) was on the mark. The shea butter conditions the lips so your lips look soft chap free and beautiful. Available in 20 shades with false 3d mink lashes lip liners. Another good choice is Prestige Cosmetics Classic Lipsticks ($4.99) nice selection of 36 shades that made my lips feel soft.

false 3d mink lashes
false 3d mink lashes

While in the Prestige section I purchased Prestige Cosmetics Vinyl Wear High Shine Lip gloss ($4.99). Nice shine minus that gummy stringy thing that can happen with lip gloss. I also picked up L’Oreal Color Juice ($7.95) false 3d mink lashes by the same company that makes Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes for ten dollars more.

The Bottom Line

My final cosmetic bill from my drug store excursion was $71.72 vs. $330.50 (savings $258.78) if I replaced my make up at a department store. Now that you have taken care of the outside, my final tip is never to forget beauty begins in the mind.

Clarisa Wilson is beauty expert and avid collector of natural skin and hair care solutions. For more great beauty tips and de-stress remedies, visit her website [czhair]


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