How to Apply Mineral Makeup for the Newbie

Mineral korea lashes glue latex is becoming the latest trend in the makeup world and women (and some men) are jumping on the bandwagon and replacing their regular makeup routine with mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is being marketed as a more natural beauty product vs the other beauty products on the market. Now I’m not going to go further into if I believe the hype about mineral makeup but I will say I love how it applies. So whether more natural or not I’m going to be sticking to it for at least my foundation routine.

korea lashes glue latex
korea lashes glue latex

With that it brings us to the point of the article. How in the world do you apply the stuff? Simple, continue reading and you will soon find out.

Start by gathering everything you will need for your normal korea lashes glue latex routine.
This can include: foundation, bronze, blush or warming color, mineral concealer (optional), powder or kabuki brush, concealer brush and a flat-top brush.

Next step: Your face should them be cleaned with a good cleanser and prepped thoroughly. For myself, I’ll wash my face apply my moisturizer and sun block. You’ll want a bit of moistness for the mineral korea lashes glue latex to stick.

Concealer Step: Shake up a little of the mineral concealer or foundation (if you do not have concealer) gently on the lid and use the concealer brush to mix the concealer. After mixing, tap the excess powder from the concealer brush before using it to cover areas that need coverage. Pay attention to your under eye, dark spots, nose base and on blemishes. To achieve an even finish pat then blend out.

Foundation Step: Take the powder brush and apply your foundation all over the face. Once the mineral is on your brush, apply the mineral korea lashes glue latex from the jaw area using swirling motions. Apply towards the inside of your face and then cover the mouth area, nose, forehead, eyes and the chin. If more coverage is needed, use the flat-top brush to gently apply the foundation in a buffing motion.

Blush and Bronzer Step: Apply the bronzer or warming color in your preferred method. Some people will apply it as an all over warm to the face while others will use it to contour. Afterwards apply the blush based on your face shape using the powder or a blush brush. Many people will tell you to smile to find the apples of your cheeks, then apply to the apples. This can actually give you a saggy look depending on where your apples are when you are not smiling. Your best bet is to experiment with applying it higher and maybe even blending up to your temple. Or hey maybe you are one of the lucky ones that doesn’t look like Droppy Dog when the blush applied to the applies. High five, you go girl!

If you want an inexpensive brand to practice with before deciding if you should invest in the more expensive brands, I would recommend elf mineral korea lashes glue latex. Most of the line they carry is $8 and under making it a cheap way to practice with mineral makeup.

korea lashes glue latex
korea lashes glue latex

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