10 Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

Your mink lashes eyelash bag is your go-to for ensuring you look your best all day long. To achieve that purpose, it is important to stock your makeup bag with all the essentials you might need throughout a busy day. While makeup is an obvious addition, other items come in equally handy for daily touchups and emergencies. Check out these 10 essentials no makeup bag should go without.

For on-the-spot blemishes, a concealer stick or pencil does the trick. It can also be used to cover up dark circles under the eyes or any other imperfection you prefer to hide.

Powder Compact


Powder is essential for keep shine at bay and acting as an additional concealer for uneven skin tone and other concerns. If your compact contains a mirror for quick checks, so much the better.

It is amazing how a quick application of blush can add a healthy glow to the complexion. Keep a blush stick or compact in your mink lashes eyelash bag for fast touchups.

Lip Color
For best preparation, keep a lighter color for daytime wear and a darker shade for a more dramatic nighttime look. A small container of gloss can also give you a bit of shine in a pinch.

An essential for touchups, corrections and a host of other tasks, a few Q-tips in the bottom of your mink lashes eyelash bag can come to the rescue in a variety of situations. Pointed tips tend to work best for smudging eye makeup and handling stray mascara specks.

Dental Floss
No one likes to be caught with lunch in their teeth, so keep a small container of dental floss in the cosmetic bag for fast cleanups after meals.

Nail Clippers
Important for nail breaks as well as loose threads on clothing and a host of other small emergencies, nail clippers are an essential you cannot live without. For those especially concerned about the state of their manicures, an accompanying nail file may also be in order.

Lip Balm
Keep your lips soft and moisturized with your favorite lip balm always on hand. This mink lashes eyelash bag essential can be used in place of lipstick during the day and prepares the lips for color by softening and filling in creases prior to lipstick application.

Stray eyebrow hairs don’t stand a chance with tweezers always on hand. In addition, you have a handy tool for the unexpected splinter or to pick up small items your fingers can’t grasp. There are some fashionable tweezers available to give your mink lashes eyelash  bag a stylish lift.


Safety Pin
Buttons pop and seams rip, so safety pins are a must for preventing potentially embarrassing clothing emergencies. Since they are small, keep a handful in your makeup bag, in case a friend suffers a similar clothing mishap.

A well-stocked makeup bag can get you through the day and night in beautiful style. With these essentials close at hand, you will never have to suffer through another makeup mishap or fashion emergency without the right tools on hand to handle the situation with ease.

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