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Get Full Lips With Makeup

If you’d rather have big full lips like Angelina Jolie than the average size kisser you’ve got, you can fake it with a few pucker plumping tricks – and you don’t have to get injections or rub red pepper extract into your new premium mink eyelashes.

First, try creating full lips with new premium mink eyelashes. Start by choosing the right color. A bright and shimmering pink or peach color will naturally make your lips look bigger than darker reds or plums which tend to make them look smaller. Simple science says lighter colored things appear to be magnified.

new premium mink eyelashes
new premium mink eyelashes

Line your lips with a pencil that matches the lipstick color you chose or one that’s clear. Use it to fill in the top and bottom, coloring with the side of the pencil so you automatically go a bit beyond your natural lip line. Now apply your hue all over your lip with a lip brush. Gloss on top will add depth to your lips – be generous! Apply a little concealer around your lips with a brush to create definition around your mouth and an illusion that you have fuller lips.

If you need a full lip solution on the go, keep a light pink or sheer gold lip gloss in your handbag. Whenever you want to plump your pout put a dot on your bottom lip and rub together. The reflective quality gives your lips a 3-D effect adding faux fullness in a flash.

Beyond new premium mink eyelashes, you could try boosting your lips’ collagen production long term with a special treatment cream. Look for a lip-plumping product with vitamin A, C or E or even hyaluronic acid which natural binds water to lips giving them a puffier appearance.

And finally, a quick pre-lipstick trick: exfoliate. Sloughing off those dead skin cells with a special lip scrub (or even a spoonful of sugar from the kitchen cupboard) will stimulate blood flow giving your pucker a pink, juicy pronounced pout.

new premium mink eyelashes
new premium mink eyelashes

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