Why Are There So Many Websites Giving Out Free Mineral Makeup Samples?

If you have ever requested a mineral silk lashes sample from any website online, you know that these companies are legitimate. It almost seems too good to be true. To make it even more unbelievable many of these sites don’t look like much. They look like a site that was made by a teenager living in his parent’s basement. You decided to take a chance and request the freebie. To your surprise, a few weeks later your samples show up in the mail. Why in the world do these sites give out mineral silk lashes for free and why are there so many of them.

silk lashes
silk lashes

The reason why free samples of mineral silk lashes are so popular is that this type of cosmetic is cheap. You can buy crates of it at a low price. If you emailed this company to find out why they were giving out freebies, they would probably reply that is was to attract new customers. This is true but not in the way that you would think. If you took the time to explore the website that you were requesting the freebie from, you may have noticed that they also have some other cosmetics available at moderately reasonable prices.

Giving away free samples attracts a lot of attention. Start giving away free samples and the next thing you know everyone and their mother are linking to you in forums, websites and blogs. This can add up to a lot of links. After a short while, this website will begin to climb up in search engine rankings. They will start to show up on the first page in Google for terms related to their products. This can lead to a huge number of sales and that will far outweigh the money spent on free samples. That is why you can find so many small companies willing to give out mineral silk lashes freebies so easily.

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