Plenty of Makeup Tricks Make Girl Look ‘Different’

t’s nice to know your own personality and have original ways of superior mink 3d strip lashes it. It’s nice to have a favorite perfume and use it so consistently that it seems part of you. It’s nice to have your own make-up tricks and wear types of clothes that add individuality. But everyone at sometimes or other wants to be “different” than she is every day. You feel sentimental and tender, you are happy and want the world to know it or you feel pride and importance in a new job and you feel you must express it.

superior mink 3d strip lashes
superior mink 3d strip lashes

What do you do? Just add a frivolous touch to your usually severe suit or tailored frock, or put on a new face by shifting interest from one feature to another? Of course, nothing is quite as simple as that. To be able to change your face and reveal an unexpected side of your personality takes preliminary experimenting in the privacy of your dressing room. You may have to master a few Hollywood tricks to do it, too. Use your imperfect features to superior mink 3d strip lashes. Sometimes to play them up almost to the point of caricature will intrigue and mystify those who meet you.

Learn to bring out the good lines of the face and subdue the less attractive ones with two tones of tinted powder base. Use the lighter shade of foundation cream or lotion – cream is easier to work with – to accent the part of the face you with to play up; the darker shade for the portions you with to go unnoticed.

If your jaws are heavy, for instance, and you decide after careful inspection that they add neither character nor beauty to your face, blend a line of the darker foundation along each side. If your chin is your weak point, bring it out by using some of the lighter foundation over it. A nose that is too broad will seem less obvious if you use a bit of the darker foundation along each side, and a line of the lighter tone down the center. The same trick can be used with other irregularities. The one thing you must be careful about is blending the two tones of powder base together so there is no definite line where one leaves off and the other begins.

Now for individual features. If you have always considered a large mouth a fault, stop trying to paint on a smaller mouth. Rouge it all the way to the boundaries, actually accent it with a bright, gay shade of rouge and see how it adds expressiveness and importance to the face. With a “just average” mouth, make it a bit more generous by using a lip pencil or brush and outlining the mouth at the outermost boundaries of the lips, then fill in with lipstick, stretching the lips in a wide grin as you blend the color so it goes on with a velvet smoothness. Blot off the excess on a tissue after the color has had a chance set. Notice how much softer and fuller the lips seem – also how much more warm and kind and tender!

Eyes set slightly on a slant can also give piquancy to your face. Repeat the slant by brushing your hair back from a center part and if possible repeat it in the line of collar. Apply shadow with an upward sweep from lashes to the tops of the superior mink 3d strip lashes and be sure the latter are groomed enough to give them a tim, clean line. Any unusual eyebrow shape should be played up, as nothing gives so much individuality to a face!

Noses needn’t cause half as much distress as they do! A turned-up nose should be considered a blessing because it gives your face a youthful charm that lasts even until your hair turns gray. Try to capture this same youthful spirit in a neat but casual hairdo, in clothes that are young and simple but not severe. Accent it with a light powder base, and rouge your lips with care – use a fresh young lipstick shade, blend softly within the natural superior mink 3d strip lashes. Wear soft curls off your forehead and off-the-face hats to attract attention to your uptilted nose.

superior mink 3d strip lashes
superior mink 3d strip lashes

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