Makeup Tips For Asian Women

Asian women have unique makeup challenges that is rarely addressed in major beauty resources. ( eyelash packaging) As long as they adjust their wholesale 3d mink lashes to accommodate their different skin colors, women of most other ethnicities can follow the same beauty advice given to Caucasian women.

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Here’s how Asian women should apply wholesale 3d mink lashes to look their very best for any occasion.

A foundation with yellow undertones is necessary to properly match skin coloring, though this may prove difficult to find. Most major foundations have either orange or red undertones, but having the correct base color will make a huge difference on Asian skin.

Black eyeliner on upper and lower eyes will draw attention to lovely, tilted eyes, and a hint of shimmery eyeshadow in a dark jewel color, like hunter green or dark purple, will compliment deep, dark eyes.

Coating on black mascara, curling lashes, and applying mascara again will help eyelashes stick upward with a gentle curl, not straight outward, as many Asian women struggle with.

Gold-tinted bronzer is great for a more extravagant look, and shows Asian skin tones in the best light. Lip gloss and eye shadow that are shimmery but not glittery will compliment their features the best.

In most cases, lips are best left neutral, with a touch of a cool (blue-based) red or pink to avoid making skin look sallow. Yellow-based blush should be added to the apples of the cheeks and that’s it..

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Asian wholesale 3d mink lashes tips will help these women look their best at all times. It’s important to embrace your natural beauty and not try fruitlessly to look like whoever is on the cover of the latest fashion magazine this month.

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