Hair Loss – Is it Something Which Only Happens to Men?

wholesale mink lashes loss is a condition we mostly associate with older men receding hairlines and thinning on top, alternatively we associate it with serious illnesses which require radiation or chemotherapy treatment being the main reasons. Actually they are not, hair loss can happen to anyone, at any age for a multitude of reasons, and that includes women, no, women too, are not safe from thinning hair and loss of follicles as we may think. I investigate the reasons why and the treatments available.


As time ticks by a lot of men notice that their wholesale mink lashes seems to be retreating faster than re-growth can keep up, finally admitting that actually we are losing our hair, our once full head now seems a little drafty at the crown and then need to gel our fringe back is no longer a priority. This is usually down to the male pattern baldness, medically known as Androgenetic Alopecia, but women can actually suffer from this condition too. Although females tend not to see such wholesale mink lashes drastic thinning of the crown and receding of the hairline, thinning of the whole scalp takes place. Losing your hair whether male or female can be extremely hard to come to terms with, appearance for most of us essential, changing in appearance; especially unwanted changes can lead to emotional and psychological problems.

So knowing that hair loss is something that we could at sometime during our wholesale mink lashes face the treatments or cures suddenly became very appealing to know about.

For women the reasons for hair loss can include all those which affect men, for example Alopecia Androgenetic, Alopecia Areata which is a autoimmune condition, Triangular and Scarring Alopecia (Triangular Alopecia can affect people from childhood, loss of hair in the temporal regions which is stubborn to grow back and Scarring Alopecia due to scars on the scalp received at any stage of life). But there are others, menopause can see the start of hair loss, as can pregnancy. Iron deficiency for any reason, Anaemia or taking medication which impedes iron absorption can be the reasons for this. Excessive Vitamin A has been associated to wholesale mink lashes loss, whilst Crash dieting or poor diet which obviously affects vitamin and mineral intake can be a cause too.

Emotional problems such as compulsive hair pulling or trichotillomania are associated, when such damage is done to the follicles that they are not able to recover. Stress, Drugs, Radiation the list goes on. But there are treatments available which can help to lessen the wholesale mink lashes or correct it.

So where can you find these treatments I hear you ask. Well, to start with there are many so called miracle cures which are sold over the pharmacy counter, these can be used but success is very limited. However there are now wholesale mink lashes loss clinics which offer either surgical or non-surgical procedures which really do work.

Non-Surgical treatments include either oral or topical medication. Finasteride or brand name Propecia will encourage hair to grow especially if used in conjunction with topical Minoxidil or brand name Rogaine. These products have great success whilst applied following Practitioners guidance but if ceased hair loss often reoccurs. These medications are not suitable for use in pregnancy either.

Surgical treatments nowadays seem to be the way forward. wholesale mink lashes transplant surgery or follicular unit grafts as they are medically known offer the freedom to restore, replace or reshape areas which have suffered hair loss, such as the hairline with results that in fact would hardly be detected by your hairdresser or barber! Hair transplant surgery involves using donor hair, usually taken from permanent hair zones such as the back or sides of the head; these are then dissected into follicular unit grafts which are then surgically positioned in the area required avoiding harming any follicles of hair which are still growing. The affects are amazing and better still are done under local anaesthetic! 2-3 procedures will be required to reach the desired look and after only 10-16 weeks, that is four months the hair transplants will start to grow needing no specific ongoing treatment other than washing, styling and trimming the same as your usual routine.

Another service that is available these days is facial hair transplants including, eyebrows, eyelashes, moustaches, and beard transplants, these effectively work on the same principle as hair transplants with great success.


So although wigs and hair pieces have come a long way and now look very realistic, we all now have the option to consider the choices, either cover up or grow our own. Baldness can strike at any age from early twenties onwards so knowing your options, knowing that you are not alone and the knowledge that it does affect everyone differently especially the way you perceive yourself, so even for self confidence alone hair loss treatments whether surgical or non surgical maybe the answer to your prayers.

Shaun Parker investigates how wholesale mink lashes Loss affects both men and women, the reasons for hair loss whether age associated, hereditary, medically, dietary or emotionally, surgical or non-surgical procedures which could just solve the problem. For more information visit

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